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"I was diagnosed with "foot drop" in January 2016. (Foot drop develops when nerves are damaged causing the inability to dorsi flex the foot causing constant stumbling and falls. The neurologist told me there was nothing that could be done and I would have to live with it. Needless to say I left that office very discouraged. I decided to do my own research finding a surgery that could be done by a podiatrist. I visited Accent Podiatry the next week and was referred to Dr. Bhakta by Dr. Paschal. Dr. Bhakta did the surgery on 03/24/2016 and by 03/25/2016 I was able to dorsi-flex my foot and walk with a normal gait. I can't thank Dr. Bhakta enough for giving me back the ability to continue working, walking and exercising with a normal gait. If I've learned anything from this experience it's not to take one doctors opinion because if I had "given up" like the neurologist said my quality of life would be very different!! Thanks to Dr. Bhakta and Accent Podiatry!"
- Sharon M., Arlington, TX

"Staff support and the physicians have been considerate and helpful. They come highly recommended by my friends and I can understand why."
- Nancy P., Garland, TX

"My most precious doctors and staff."
- Elaine F., Arlington, TX

"Dr. Bhakta and the entire staff are awesome."
- Martha L., Joshua, TX

This is honestly one of the best medical offices I've ever been to. The staff makes you a number one priority and ensures that you are 100% satisfied before turning you away. Everyone here, especially the Front Desk staff, are extremely courteous and polite. They help you to their fullest extent."
- Alexander N., Grand Prairie, TX

"Dr. Bhakta, the staff, Physical Therapist Melissa are always very kind, thoughtful, and patient. They are all a pleasure and very personable. Everyone is always very friendly and pleasant."
- Patricia S., Mansfield, TX

"Everyone is very professional and provides great customer service."
- Pamela A., Grand Prairies, TX

"I've been a patient for a few years and everything just gets better. I can't think of going any place else. I'm walking because of the great surgical care that I experienced and feel I do receive the best care."
- Jeanie M., Arlington, TX

"Love the staff and the doctors at Accent Podiatry Associates"
- Lonnie T., Alvardo, TX

"Most professional office I've ever been in."
- Evette J., Grand Prairie, TX

"Too bad I'm moving to South Dakota. You guys (all the staff) are awesome. I told my primary care doctor that too!!  I wish my foot wasn't getting better so I would have an excuse to come see ya'll before I move.  I'll get to see Mt. Rushmore every day for the rest of my life.  I'm glad I got to meet such wonderful people!!"
Sharon V., North Richland hills, TX

"Great medical office staff and physicians, especially Dr. Bhakta.  We were recommended to Accent Podiatry Associates from another family member.  We returned because of the excellent care and customer service provided.  We would recommend your foot and ankle surgery medical practice to anyone who has foot or ankle problem."
-Dalton H., Arlington, TX

"Dr. Paschal is a wonderful physician and has a great bedside manner. I will only go to Accent Podiatry Associates for foot/ankle problems."
- Theodore F.,Grand Prairie, TX

"Overall I was very pleased with Accent Podiatry Associates & Dr. Bhakta. Consequently, I have referred many others to this medical practice. Very satisfied!"
Janet R., Mansfield, TX

"From the start I've been treated great by the entire staff, even during my hospital stay and surgery. Dr. Paschal has explained  the problem and treatment procedure perfectly. Each nurse has been attentive and friendly. The Medical Reception staff at Accent Podiatry Associates does a great job."
Kurt D., Mansfield, TX

"Dr. Bhakta is simply amazing! He is extremely competent, explaining everything in a thorough and very understandable way, and he really tries to be reassuring, whenever I've had concerns. He is also an exceptional surgeon, and my results have far exceeded my expectations.  In addition, he is kind and has a warm demeanor.  I would encourage anyone looking for the best podiatrist in th DFW area to make an appointment with Dr. Bhakta."
- Marianne H., Grapevine, TX

"Have always loved Dr. Bhakta. I work at MCA and see how great he is to his patients.  My son was a patient years ago with chronic ingrown toenails and Dr. Bhakta fixed his toes so he never had a problem since then.  Also, I have referred my mother in-law ( high risk patient with diabetes) and he took her as a patient-he's the best!!"
- Kristin M., Mansfield, TX

"I have been in Dr. Bhakta's care for a few years now and he is thorough, extremely courteous and very professional. In addition, the office staff have always been friendly and helpful."
Betty M., Arlington, TX

"Dr. Bhakta was very thorough on my first visit. He showed us the x-rays  and explained them in a clear, understandable manner. The staff and physicians are so nice. Dr. Bhakta is so very knowledgeable and caring!!"
- Martha S., Grand Prairie, TX

"Dr. Paschal provided a very pleasant experience. I should not had dreaded my appointment at Accent Podiatry Associates."
- Glea H., Fort Worth, TX

"Dr. Bhakta is great, keeps you well informed and is a very good surgeon. Accent Podiatry Associates have always been great since my first visit in 2010."
Bill J., Arlington, TX

Dr. Bhakta is awesome!! I was completely "blown away" by how friendly the staff was at both Mansfield & Arlington medical office locations. Monica ,who is the Team Lead at the Mansfield Medical Office rocks!!  She has been very helpful and has gone above and beyond in helping me deal with my medical insurance company. In addition, she helped me with my FMLA and leave of absence forms. I would definitely recommend Dr. Bhakta and his staff to anyone-friends, family or a complete stranger. Awesome service. Keep up the good work!"
- LaToya J., Fort Worth, TX

"Thank you very much for the advice and treatment. The treatment releived the pain in my foot. Thank you for being here to help me."
Calvin C., Watauga, TX

"Dr. Paschal and his staff are top notch. I have and will continue to refer patients to Accent Podiatry Associates. All my questions are always answered and time is always taken to make me feel comfortable and understand the treatments performed. I would not go anywhere else!"
- Nancy D., Euless, TX      

"I can't say enough about how great and helpful the Accent Podiatry Associates physicians and staff have treated me. Dr. Bhakta is great! I have referred family members and friends to your medical practice."
Dionne W., Mansfield, TX

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