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November 2022


Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of Poor Blood Circulation in the Feet

Poor blood circulation in the feet and legs is often caused by peripheral artery disease (PAD), which is usually the result of a buildup of plaque in the arteries. Plaque buildup, or atherosclerosis read more..


Methods to Help with Poor Circulation

One of the first symptoms that patients can experience with poor circulation is cold feet. There may also be a pins and needles sensation, and the feet can turn blue or purple. There are various read more..


What Are Bunions?

Bunions are large bony bumps at the base of the big toe. Medically known as hallux valgus, a bunion is a misalignment of the metatarsophalangeal joint, or big toe joint. The misalignment will generall... read more..


The Frequency of Bunions

Bunions are just one of many kinds of foot afflictions that can negatively impact the healthy state of your feet. Bunions are defined as a bony bump that can develop on the side of the foot, eith read more..


Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Tarsal tunnel syndrome is a condition in which there is a compression of the posterior tibial nerve. The posterior tibial nerve runs along the inside of the ankle into the foot. Tarsal tunnel syndrome... read more..


Where Is the Tarsal Tunnel?

The feet endure hundreds of times the body weight of an individual, occurring several times per day. The ankle is responsible for weight bearing, in addition to absorbing the shock, the body endu read more..


Heel Pain Can Be Treated!

Do you suffer from heel pain when you get up in the morning? If so, you should seek the professional help of your podiatrist and have a proper diagnosis performed. Heel pain can be caused by seve read more..


Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment for a Broken Foot

The human foot has 26 different bones, and the foot is divided into three parts: the hindfoot, the midfoot, and the forefoot. Each section of the foot is composed of a different amount of bones. For i... read more..


A Broken Foot Affects Daily Life

A broken foot can wreak havoc in daily life and cause severe pain and discomfort. It can also make everyday tasks impossible to complete. Most broken feet occur from a fall as the foot may twist read more..


Falls Prevention

Elderly Americans are very susceptible to falls as they get older. Everyone experiences decreases in flexibility, balance, strength, and the senses as they age. This correlates to some eye-opening sta... read more..


Foot Pain Is Possible When a Fall Occurs

There are many elderly people around the globe who fall, often resulting in having foot pain. This can range from breaking a foot to twisting an ankle. Falling can invoke fear, which can limit th read more..

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