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September 2022


Corns: What Are They, and How Do You Get Rid of Them

Corns are thickened areas on the skin’s surface, to the point of being irritating and sometimes painful. Commonly found on the feet, corns are circular or cone-shaped. They develop where there a... read more..


Duration of Corns on the Feet

Corns can develop on one’s feet as a protective mechanism against friction or pressure. Corns typically have a dense core at the center, and they come in different types (hard corns and soft corn read more..


Foot Pain

Our feet are arguably the most important parts of our bodies because they are responsible for getting us from place to place.  However, we often don’t think about our feet until they begin ... read more..


What Is Morton’s Toe?

Morton’s toe is a foot condition that is obvious as the second toe is longer than the first toe, or big toe. Research has indicated it affects approximately ten percent of the population, and may read more..


Why Live with Pain and Numbness in Your Feet?

Suffering from this type of pain? You may have the foot condition known as Morton's neuroma. Morton's neuroma may develop as a result of ill-fitting footwear and existing foot deformities. We can read more..


Solutions for Cracked Heels

Cracked heels can make life very frustrating and embarrassing when displaying the bare feet. Aside from being unpleasing to the eye, they can also tear stockings and socks and wear out shoes... read more..


Cracked Heels in Runners

Running is a cherished form of exercise that many people across the country engage in every day. However, if a runner is not careful, they may be at risk of developing certain foot conditions. Fo read more..


Sports Related Foot and Ankle Injuries

Foot and ankle injuries are common among athletes and those who exercise frequently. Most of these injuries are non-life-threatening and can heal in weeks with proper treatment and care. Serious injur... read more..


Dangerous Sports for Feet and Ankles

Participating in sports is not only fun, but it also supports physical fitness and teaches teamwork. However, sports can also be dangerous. Some sports like football, basketball, soccer, tennis, read more..

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